My name is David Seed.  I'm a self-employed artist/craftsman living and working in Gloucester in the UK.  I went to art school thirty odd years ago, but at the time I never did any painting.


After foundation, where I mainly did photography, print making, and ceramics, I got myself onto a contemporary crafts course. I specialised in metalwork (blacksmithing and non-ferrous metal smithing) although I also worked in ceramics, textiles and wood.  On graduating, my first jobs were furniture factory assembly work interspersed with periods of unemployment, then display and exhibition work.


I talked my way into as many life-classes as I could for a couple of years and drew all the time. I then started volunteering at a local community arts project which eventually led to a career in social care.


It was a great job for a long long time, and for a number of years I also taught life classes.


I qualified as a social worker, but as I got into social-care management, I no longer did much in the way of drawing or sculpting, although I did a lot in the way of restoring our old house, and creating a garden. Apart from a few stabs at painting in the nineties, I didn’t really put brush to canvas at all until 2012.

Eventually I resigned from my job and went self-employed.  Almost straight away I started painting and drawing again. I really wanted to get back to the way I felt about art that I had done as a kid, where I just enjoyed it for its own sake and hadn’t worried about whether or not it was contemporary or fashionable.


Four years down the line, I now make my bread and butter living doing bespoke carpentry and paint on a regular basis in my studio.  I sell originals and prints (see link to Etsy) paint pub signs and work on a commission basis.  When not doing this, I build musical instruments and bread ovens, write and play the ukulele (badly). 






Circus Ambulatory

Ok so you’ve had a few bigtops stalking the land, an episode in the life of Rose and Jade, and a few other scraps.
Do you want more of this stuff, and do you want the accompanying back story in text?
Suggestions please. Possibilities might include Stephan the knife thrower, his target Isabella, Wulf the spider boy, the Jenson triplets (acrobats of short stature), Sabine the Art Brut tattooed lady, Gloria the mermaid (alive!), Professor Merkin the prestidigitator and his novel prestige (never yet seen this far West), Mistress Kolmya and her performing skymonkeys, and Angmagssalik the incredible. There are, of course, numerous aerialists, clowns, fire jugglers, and sideshow acts, dubious carnies with tiny hands, and the odd jungle beast.

circus ambulatory David Seed fine art
Circus ambulatory
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