This is the last in a long line of attempts to say who I am without it coming across either really knobby or trainspottery. I'm David and I'm self-employed, making a living doing carpentry for people as my bread and butter work, and doing art as the icing on the cake.  I'm trying to shift the balance so there's more art and less chippying, and slowly but surely I'm getting there. 
Back in the eighties I did a degree in contemporary crafts at what was Crewe and Alsager college of higher education.  I made a lot of pots, and built mechanical sculptures out of scrap steel I got from the local dump. This sort of thing was briefly extremely popular, but by the time I'd graduated nobody wanted "creative salvage" and I was too skint to buy welding gear or a forge so I got a JOB.  Other jobs followed, including twenty odd years working for social services, finishing off in care management. For a lot of that time I didn't do any art at all (which was a bit sad) apart from in life drawing classes that I taught at the local arts centre.  Then, quite fortuitously, I got really ill with stress and depression, (stay with me here) jacked in the last job, and started painting. Hurrah.


In the last ten years or so life's been really good. As well as painting I've taught art, built and painted pub signs, made and repaired loads of musical instruments, exhibited, sold originals and prints, started writing, become a published poet, and am well and happy.
I've even sold sculptures, if steel weather vanes can be classed as such. Life is good.


Okay, this is the setting out my stall bit. Hit me up if you're interested:


Working as a painter and illustrator I can offer portraiture and landscape painting as well as book illustration. I use acrylics, pen and ink, charcoal, and digital drawing.

I also offer the following:


Collagraph, mono-printing, lino printing


Sign writing


Hand built & thrown pottery, raku firing


Kiln & oven building


Sculpture & automata


Musical instrument building and repair


Ferrous & non-ferrous metal work


Fabric printing & batik


Cabinet making


I have broad experience in:


Delivering commissioned artwork or commissioned craft projects


Training and workshop delivery & leading community arts projects


Working in community & with disadvantaged groups and/or children


Multi-disciplinary team working


Project management



I have extensive experience of facilitating art classes, and am happy to undertake project or commission work.






Circus Ambulatory

Ok so you’ve had a few bigtops stalking the land, an episode in the life of Rose and Jade, and a few other scraps.
Do you want more of this stuff, and do you want the accompanying back story in text?
Suggestions please. Possibilities might include Stephan the knife thrower, his target Isabella, Wulf the spider boy, the Jenson triplets (acrobats of short stature), Sabine the Art Brut tattooed lady, Gloria the mermaid (alive!), Professor Merkin the prestidigitator and his novel prestige (never yet seen this far West), Mistress Kolmya and her performing skymonkeys, and Angmagssalik the incredible. There are, of course, numerous aerialists, clowns, fire jugglers, and sideshow acts, dubious carnies with tiny hands, and the odd jungle beast.

circus ambulatory David Seed fine art
Circus ambulatory
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